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School Photos


This is the first of many overpriced school photos that I’m sure I’ll be purchasing over the years. His photos came out great, although the coloring is a little off. I just hate that you can see the dark circles under his eyes (from nights of not sleeping) and that his teacher brushed his curls out before the photos were taken.  He’s still pretty darn cute though!

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  1. he’s ADORABLE! nothing is overpriced when it’s that cute. 🙂

    (okay, that’s a total lie, but you kind of have to buy them, so i’m trying to make you feel better about it.)

  2. Tanya Tanya

    So cute!!!!! You definitely have to buy them because I’m expecting one.

  3. Zach is such a cutie. He’ll break many hearts in the future.

  4. Whatever happened to the days when school photos were just head shots? *L* Cute pic!

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