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Sometimes I do things that are just dumb.  Like that last post I wrote.  If you keep up with my blog or use a feed reader, you got to read half of an unfinished post.  When my boss told me I could have the afternoon off on Wednesday I was in the middle of composing it and decided to save it and finish it later.  Apparently instead of saving it as “unpublished” I published it and it was sitting there on my blog for everybody to read.  I guess you could just look at it as a sneak peek of sorts.  When I went in to finish it lastnight I discovered my error and felt like an idiot.  So, I deleted it, finished it, and posted it again in its entirety.  Enjoy.

So, the hubby headed off for Pittsburgh lastnight.  The guys were so excited they barely finished eating before they were ready to jump in the car and get going.  I’m really glad that he had this opportunity because I think he will have a really good time.  The only problem is that I need somebody warm in my bed with me at night.  I got very little sleep lastnight.  I stayed up until 11:30 which is very late for me when I have to work the next day.  My eyes were strained and I was so very tired but I just couldn’t fall asleep.  I did finally get to sleep probably around midnight but spent the rest of the night tossing and turning.  I was tempted to let the dog come in and snuggle but he would steal my covers so I opted for the two cats instead.  I was actually hoping that Zach would wake up so I could pull him into bed with me but he didn’t.

This morning I was tired and groggy.  It isn’t so much that I can’t sleep without Hubby there.  It is just that feeling of something being a little off in my world that won’t allow me to fully relax.  The bed just doesn’t feel the same without him there to weigh down the other half.  I hate to admit that I need him there because I’m all about being independent and doing things on my own.  But, yeah, I need him there.  I really need my sleep!  It is funny how you adjust to things being a certain way and then get totally thrown off when they change.

It is cold and cloudy here today, after two days of summer-like weather.  I’m a little bummed because I was really hoping to be able to spend some time outside with Zach this weekend.  TV is only entertaining for so long.  I suppose we can still go out for short amounts of time, but it just won’t be the same without the sun shining down on us.  I’m sure I can find some way to wear him out though.  I’m really looking forward to the one-on-one time I’ll have with him this weekend (and the quiet time I’ll get to myself while he is napping/sleeping).  I just hope he doesn’t get sick of me.

For anyone interested I have a new post up on my Vox page.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Whenever my husband is away, or has a super-late meeting that won’t get him home until really early in the morning, I feel scared. I check the locks twice, three times. I startle at the rush of the wind.

    And yet, like you say, it isn’t a lack of independence. After all, I lived in far more “dangerous” places as a single woman and didn’t worry in the least. And, I am the killer of spiders in our household. If anyone broke in, Husband would run for the hills. There is just something uneasy about not having things “normal.”

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