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Tuesdays With Caleb – Week 7


Caleb  is  becoming less and less enchanted with this whole photo-taking thing. I’m going to have to find a way to make it more fun or the project is going to go downhill quickly. Today when he spotted the camera in my hands, I got a “No pictures mama!” I can’t say that I really blame him as we were both in a pretty chilled out mood today. After a busy 4-day-weekend, we were both pretty happy to be in a quiet house today with just the two of us. Caleb pretty much parked himself in front of the TV all day and I was parked right next to him in my chair with my laptop. We got up for lunch and not much else.





So, I did manage to get a few playful smiles, but nothing really noteworthy. When he had finally had enough (which happened very quickly), I got this nice look as he screamed, “Enough pictures!” Ok, kiddo, I got it.


The truly funny part though…a while later he was sitting on the toilet doing his business when I walked by and he asked for my phone. Laughing, I told him no. He then said, “Mommy phone, take picture!”

So I asked, “Of you on the toilet?”

“Yes!” he screamed.  And then proceeded to give me the biggest smile I had seen all day when I pulled out my phone and snapped a shot. This kid. Seriously.

I’ll spare you the toilet shot.

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Tuesdays With Caleb – Week 4

January has been a rather warm month this year. We’re not sweating by any means, but compared to the normal ice and snow that we are used to this time of year, it has been pretty phenomenal.  So yeah, when my boy asks to go outside and play, who am I to squash his dreams? “Of course!” I say, because that is his favorite phrase this week. Any time I ask him a yes/no question, I either get a very stern “No, mommy!” or “Of course!” This kid, man. All of the frustration and stress that he causes in my life is completely made up for in cuteness. He always knows just when to turn on the charm too. Of course!








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Birthday Girl

At 2:22 p.m. on March 18, 2008, my life was forever altered.  My baby girl turns two today.

Zach and I woke Evie up this morning singing “Happy Birthday” and then she immediately turned over and asked for cake.  That’s my girl!  She is so much like me it’s scary!

Geneva 067


The last night I tuck her in as a 1-year-old

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