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A Halloween First

Would you believe that in the five years that I’ve had children, we’ve never carved a pumpkin?  I think maybe it was the idea of big knives and tiny little fingers that didn’t sit too well with me.  We usually buy pumpkins, but have painted, drawn with markers, and plastered them with Halloween stickers in previous years.  For some reason, I decided that this was the year we were actually going to do some cutting.


We ended up with three pumpkins big enough to carve, so Evie and Zach both picked out their own designs and I left the third one for Hubby. Evie wanted a “sad face” and Zach picked out a haunted house design from a template book we had.


Evie was quite happy with her sad face pumpkin, even though we had to leave the nose out because there wasn’t enough room.


Zach’s haunted house came out pretty good too, although my hands were cramping quite a bit by the end (I still am not ready to hand the knives over!).


Then we waited and waited for Daddy to finish his spider web design. When they were all finally finished, we took them outside and lit them up. The kids really enjoyed this part.




I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing this every year from now on.

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