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Tuesdays With Caleb – Week 5


I had grand plans for today’s photos, but as usual, plans just never seem to really work around here. Instead, we have the usual afternoon playtime, this time with a yo-yo. I couldn’t help but look at him today and think about how big he is getting, in both age and size. In just over two weeks, he will be three. Last week I had to go buy him a new car seat, jeans, and shoes, because he is outgrowing everything at ridiculous speeds.

Looking at him today, in his new big boy jeans and hoodie, growing faster and faster by the second, I can’t stop thinking about how he came to be. What a wonderful surprise we had waiting for us, even when we were nowhere near being ready for it.







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Tuesdays With Caleb – Week 2


Well, it is obviously not Tuesday. This week’s edition is being brought to you on Friday instead. On Tuesday, I was in Texas celebrating the life of a very dear friend. Even though we are not related by blood, she loved me like a grandmother loves her grandchildren. My sister and I always called her and her husband our “adopted grandparents” because they might as well have been. It is a loss felt deeply, but I am comforted in the fact they are now together again in a far better place.

Since I was out of town, today is the first day Caleb and I have been together this week. I missed our time together on Tuesday. Little man is suddenly in a no cuddle phase, which is making me a little sad. He is also apparently hitting a huge growth spurt because clothes that fit last week are suddenly not fitting at all. Along with that, he is pretty much eating non-stop. He wakes up in the morning asking for a sandwich before he even gets out of bed. At least it is an easy request.

Here are a few more images from our play time today.







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Fun in the Snow

Every year when the middle of December hits we get super busy at my job.  All of a sudden we’re in a rush to get the end of year bookkeeping done and packing things up to start the new year.  So, of course, this is when my children choose to get sick.  I was feeling pretty cruddy all weekend due to a head cold and sinus pressure.  Then Evie came down with a stomach bug Sunday night and Zach woke up with a stuffy head Monday morning.  Even though I hated to do it, I called in sick Monday.  With all three of us down there was just no point in trying.


Tuesday morning we woke up to snow, which had Zach all excited.  Evie was still sick and the roads were pretty horrible so we ended up staying home again.  Zach begged all day to go play in the snow but I couldn’t send him out on his own and I didn’t want to take Evie out so he had to wait.  He was just dying to make a snowman (he’s been watching Frosty a lot!) so when Daddy finally got home I bundled him up and sent him outside.


I couldn’t stand not taking a few pictures, so I got my biggest coat and zipped Evie up inside it with me and went out with my camera.  It was then that Hubby asked me how to make a snowman.  Growing up in South Louisiana, he doesn’t exactly have a lot of experience with that.  I tried to explain, but didn’t want to dig my own hands into the snow so we eventually gave up and found an alternative snow activity – sledding!

Sliding down the hill with Daddy

The only problem was that we don’t own a snow sled.  Hubby suggested we use the lid from the garbage can in the garage and it actually worked out great.  Zach (and Daddy) had a great time sliding down the hill in our yard.  Evie was a little jealous, but there was no way I was letting her out into the cold.  She kept twisting her head around so she could see them while I was trying to take pictures and videos of the boys.

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