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2010 has started out much differently than I expected.  If you take a look at my Twitter bio, it says “Trying to de-clutter and slow life down in 2009.”  I wrote that in January of last year because that truly was my one goal of the year (guess I need to update that!).  Life just seemed to be moving so fast that I couldn’t keep up.  I made a little progress on the de-cluttering, but life?  It did not slow down one bit.  I suppose it never does.

December of 2009 was a mad rush.  I’m amazed that I made it through without any catastrophes.  My life was pure chaos for about 4 weeks straight.  But when the calendar flipped to January 2010, I suddenly felt a peace wash over me.  The craziness of December had ended and we made it through.

Life, in general, is changing for me.  I feel good things coming this year.  I don’t know what all of it entails, but I have hope that I will make it out of this rut I’ve been in.  I’m making some personal changes that I think will have a big long-term impact.  My kids are getting older and their needs and demands are changing.  We have finally found a new church and it seems to be filling my soul in places I didn’t realize needed filling.  Our financial situation looks like it will be improving towards the Fall as my car will be paid off (finally!) and Zach will no longer be in day care.  My head is so full of ideas and things I want to pursue, including a big change in this site which may or may not happen.

2010 is looking like it’s going to be a great year.  I may change my tune in a couple of months, but right now things are looking up!

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