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The Happy List

There’s been a bit too much negativity and whining around here lately, so today I’m only thinking happy thoughts…well, trying anyway.  In order to give more space to the happy and less to the depressive woe-is-me, I’ve come up with this list of 10 things that make me truly happy.  But, the best part is, I want you to tell me in the comments what makes you happy!  List 1 or 10 things that make you truly happy so I can share in your joy!  Here’s mine:

  1. Taking photos of my children, coming home to scan through them on the computer, and finding that one absolutely perfect image.
  2. Listening to my daughter talk, using words much bigger than her 2 1/2 years should allow.
  3. Finishing a knit, crochet, or sewing project and finding it came out better than I thought it would.
  4. Cooking an amazingly delicious meal for ALL of my family (even though I really hate cooking).
  5. Snuggling in my chair with my son while we watch a movie or look at pictures on my computer.
  6. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings, on the rare occasions that it happens.
  7. Hugs and kisses as I tuck my kids in at night and tell them I love them.
  8. Spending rare kid-free time with my husband.
  9. A perfectly sunny, yet not too hot, afternoon at the park watching my kids have fun together (and snapping photos, of course).
  10. The first drink out of an ice cold Diet Coke.

Ok, now it’s your turn.  What makes you happy?

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