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10 Years

Just a little over 11 years ago, I bumped into a manĀ  on a dance floor. We danced and talked the rest of the night.

10 years ago today I married that man.


He has given me the three most precious gifts I could ever receive.

My babies

Sometimes I wonder how we have made it this long, but then I realize I can’t imagine my life without him. That’s really all I need to know.

For our 10 year anniversary, I wanted to plan a weekend getaway. We never had a honeymoon and I can’t remember the last time we spent a weekend without kids. I started saving a little here and there when I could, but God had a little surprise for us. Instead of a trip we had a baby. With him, our family feels so complete. Who knows? Maybe we’ll take that trip for our 15th or 20th anniversary. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend our anniversary than with this amazing little family that we have created.

Happy Anniversary, honey. Thank you for an amazing 10 years. I love you.

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9 Years


To my Hubby,

Nine years ago today we said “I Do” and somehow we’re still going strong. You may have a little, okay – a lot, more gray hair than you did back then, but somehow you’ve managed to put up with me, my messy house, and all my crazy ideas for all these years without kicking me out. On top of that, you gave me the two best gifts in the world with our son and daughter. Sure, I like gadgets and camera gear and pretty things, but none of that compares to this amazing family that we’ve built together. Thanks for saying “I Do” all those years ago, and for sticking it out with me. Happy Anniversary!



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