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Reality Check

Zach: “Mommy, play with me.”

Me:  “Ok, just a minute.”

Zach: “Mommy, put ‘puter down!  Play with me!”

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of my heart breaking.  As if I didn’t feel guilty enough already!

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Change of Plans

As usual, our weekend didn’t exactly go as planned. I got a phone call at work on Friday saying Zach was sick and I needed to come pick him up. All afternoon he seemed perfectly fine, so we went out for a bit to run errands and grab some dinner. As I said, everything seemed fine…until he woke up at 5:00 in the morning covered in puke. Needless to say that was a bit of a rude awakening.

nov_07 200Besides the fact that I hate my boy being sick, I was really bummed because we had big plans for the day. I had some shopping and errands to do, and then we were supposed to go to the circus with my sister and her family. I was really excited about the circus because I thought Zach would really enjoy it this year. We’ve taken him the last two years and while he did get into it last year, he didn’t really understand what was going on.

Instead of going on with our plans, we slept in and bummed around the house all day. As I was putting away some of Zach’s clothes I suddenly got motivated to clean out his closet.nov_07 197 I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to squeeze clothing for another little human into our already scarce closet space. Zach and Hubby are already sharing a closet and no matter how hard I try I can’t condense enough to give up any of my closet space.

I spent most of the morning organizing and cleaning out the closet, then made a trip to Wal-Mart for a few things. I ended up getting Baby G some plastic drawers that will serve as her dresser until we can get something better. Now they are just waiting to be filled with adorable little girl clothes. The rest of her clothes will have to hang with Zach’s, but there is still some space in the back of the closet so that shouldn’t be a problem. As you can see from the picture, I didn’t get around to the top shelf, which is still a mess but it’s a start. I do still have another four months before I need to even worry about this anyway.

nov_07 195

As it turned out, Zach was fine the rest of the day. He was jumping around, dancing, playing, and having a grand old time. We probably could have gone ahead with our plans, but it wasn’t such a bad day anyway.

What I’m most thankful for at the end of the day, every day, is this smile:

Before the Cut

Okay, so maybe not that exact smile because he was really cheesing it up here, but you get the point.  No matter how bad my day may be, or how many tantrums I have to sit through, that smile makes every minute worth it.

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Potty Training Weekend

Here we are on day 4 of NaBloPoMo and I’m already finding myself not feeling like writing. I think it is a lot harder on the weekends because I would much rather just be sitting on the couch staring at the TV. But, I signed up so I can’t give up already.

I’ve spent the majority of my weekend taking a toddler to the potty every 30 minutes. I’m determined to get back on track with this potty-training thing and so far it is going pretty well. I bought a new digital kitchen timer and every time it beeps Zach yells out, “pee pee” and takes off for the bathroom. We’ve got a sticker chart and he gets a big prize when he fills up all the squares.

So far, it seems to be working pretty well. We’ve only had two accidents in two days so far and one of those actually happened in the bathroom. He has yet to tell me when he needs to go, but since I’m taking him every 30 minutes anyway I doubt he has felt much urgency.

My only problem is, he’s earned two prizes already because he’s doing so well. It’s time to make a new chart now, but I think I’m going to have make the next chart with a few more boxes on it. Plus, the prizes are not going to be quite as exciting because I can’t afford to keep up at the rate he’s going now.

He’s definitely gotten a good start (again), but I wonder how he’ll do during the day at school this week. Will he revert back to just going in his pull-ups or will he actually remember and try to wait until he gets to go the the bathroom? I’m guessing most of the work we did this weekend will be forgotten. It is so hard when I only really have the weekend to work with him. I know his teacher at school will work with him, but she can’t really be expected to stop the other 7 kids in his class every 30 minutes to take Zach to the bathroom.

I guess we’ll see how it goes this week and do another crash course next weekend.

30 Days of ThanksToday I’m thankful because Zach actually slept last night (after an hour long tantrum) and I got an entire 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in two weeks. Not only did he sleep during the night, but he also took a nap (which I joined him for) and both of us have been in excellent moods today. It may not seem like much to be grateful for, but I can’t even tell you how much it means for my sanity.

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