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I Need A Weekend To Recover From My Weekend

Well, that last post was a bit of a downer, eh?  I really didn’t intend for it to be all “woe is me” but I guess that is what ended up coming out.  Life can’t always be happy, I suppose. Things really aren’t that bad.  I’m happy that we’re finally figuring some things out with Zach, just frustrated that it is going to take some time to really get the help that we want/need for him to be a little more successful.  In the meantime, we’re trying to cram in as much fun as we can.


Zach’s school had a school carnival Friday night, which promised plenty of bouncing and climbing on inflatables. While the kids were extremely excited, I was not. Then Hubby called to say he was going to the doctor to have his shoulder checked again (relating to his accident last week) and would be home late. So, it was just me and the kids. I really have no idea why I was dreading it so much, because we ended up having a really good time. Really, how can you not have a good time when your kids are laughing, hugging, and just having a really great time together? It was also nice to see so many of the other kids there that were genuinely excited to see Zach. He claims to not have any good friends at school, but these kids proved him wrong.


Saturday morning Zach had a soccer game. He just wasn’t in the mood to play. Then, just after we got there, something upset him and he refused to play – at all. His coach finally convinced him to go in as goalie for about the last five minutes of the game, but he spent most of that time playing in the net and not paying any attention to the game. The whole thing was pretty frustrating to all of us. I just hope he’ll get back in there and play for the rest of the season.


That evening, we attended a dinner/bonfire for the children’s group at our church. We had a fun evening socializing with some of the families from church, and the kids had a great time playing games and then roasting marshmallows in the fire. Zach was a little too excited about the fire for my taste, but I’m glad he had fun. Evie even surprised me by being way more social than she normally is. I expected her to stick by my side all night, but she went off and played with the other kids, and even snuggled up to a couple of the adults there.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church, then grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the zoo. Hubby decided to stay home and rest instead of going to the zoo with us since his shoulder was still hurting, so Grandma decided to come along with us instead.


The highlight of the day for Zach was getting to meet Iron Man and have his picture taken with him. He barely squeaked out a “hi” when he got up there, but it was pretty cool that he got to meet his favorite super hero.


Evie’s favorite part of the zoo was the hippos. She loved watching them peek up from under the water they were swimming in.


Eventually, we made our way to the Discovery Barn, where the kids discovered the Squirrel Monkeys. These little monkeys were hilarious! They kept jumping at the glass right in front of Zach’s face and would chase the kids back and forth as they ran along the glass. I don’t think I’ve ever heard my children both squealing in delight the way they did with these monkeys. It was so fun to watch them.


We didn’t make it all the way through the zoo before closing time, but I think the kids had had enough anyway. We were all absolutely exhausted when we got back home. We had such a good time though that it was definitely worth the exhaustion. Now I just have to spend the rest of the week catching up on the laundry and housework that got ignored over the weekend!


P.S. Don’t tell Evie that it’s after Labor Day. She LOVES this outfit!

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It has been a rather rough week around our house, so after dinner last night I thought we needed to do something fun. In this case, fun = slime!

I came across a super easy recipe for making slime at home over on Our Best Bites a few days ago and decided we just had to make some.  We already had all of the ingredients except for the Borax so I picked up a box when I was out running errands yesterday to have it on hand.

The kids both helped pour the ingredients in and then we watched as the liquid changed into clumps, and eventually a nice ball of slime.  They thought it was SO! COOL! and played with it for quite a while afterward.

We’ll definitely be doing this again.  Poor Evie was not happy with her brother’s color choice, so we’re going to have to make some red (or maybe PINK) slime next time around.  I want to try it with the clear glue that it mentions in the post but we didn’t have any of that at home.


For those following along regarding the bullying that I posted about yesterday, I was able to talk to Zach’s teacher this morning and am feeling much better about things.  She already has plans for making some changes in the classroom (seating arrangements, etc.) that should help.  Also, he’ll be sent to the restroom by himself rather than in a group to alleviate problems happening there.  She expressed some concerns about things he is doing in class that we will both work on with him.  All of the changes will take time, but I feel like we are moving in the right direction.  I’m very thankful that he has a teacher that cares and wants him to be successful at school.  I’m also very thankful for all of you, my incredibly supportive friends and family.  Your comments both here and on Facebook really helped me get through the day yesterday without pulling my hair out.

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