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Too Tired To Come Up With A Witty Title

Well, there’s nothing quite like launching a brand new site and then not adding any new content, eh? Blame it on the plague that has taken over my chest. The coughing and hacking is lots of fun, let me tell you. I have a whole new appreciation for just breathing.

In between all of that, I’ve been doping myself up to keep the fever down and working my butt off. Zach has been really needing to have his own space for a while now. He’s actually been sleeping in our office/guitar/guest/craft/shove everything room for several weeks now, so this weekend we started moving him into that room and moving my stuff out. I have a LOT of stuff. So much that I haven’t figured out where in the heck I’m going to put it all so there’s still an extra pile of junk in the middle of his room.

What was previously the playroom is now the office/guitar/craft room. I’m doing my best to keep it nice and clean looking and not junk it up, so the pile of junk has no where to go. Which means that I probably need to get rid of most of it, right? As soon as I can find the time to sort, most of it will probably be trashed but there are still some things that need to find a new home somewhere. Sadly, looking at that pile just makes me want to go crawl in my bed and sleep for a week.

In other news, I did my first family photo shoot that did not include anyone related to me this weekend. I had the chance to shoot a friend and her family and even though the location I had carefully chosen was closed when I got there, everything turned out just fine. I got some great photos of the family together, and all four boys individually so I’m putting it in the win column. I’m still sorting/editing but can’t wait to share them with the family.

I have a few more photography-related opportunities coming up in the next couple of months and I’m really excited about it. My family is getting a bit tired of me always having a camera lens in their faces, so it is really fun to have other people to shoot for a change!

I feel like I’ve been playing a huge game of catch-up lately in every aspect of my life. There are just so many things going on and I can barely keep up. What I would really like is for someone to come take over all of the un-fun stuff so I could just hang out with my hubby and kids, blog, and take pictures. Any takers?

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