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Pity Party for 1

Every year as the BlogHer conference rolls around I find myself feeling jealous of all of those who are able to go.  I want to go.  I love the idea of being surrounded by 1500+ other women who get why blogging is so cool.  I love the idea of being able to speak geek talk with other people who actually understand what I’m saying.  I really love the idea of meeting so many of the bloggers that I’ve been following and talking to online for years.  It would be such an incredible experience.


In order to go I would have to shell out way more money than I can afford.  I would also have to somehow manage to come out of my little shell I hide under in social situations (but a margarita or two would help with that part).  Plus, I’m pretty sure I would end up completely overwhelmed with the whole thing.

So instead I sit at home watching the #blogher09 tweets fly by and reading the blog posts of those that are there and dream of some day being able to make it happen.  Maybe when the kids are older.  Maybe when we get a little debt payed down. Maybe, maybe, maybe.  Someday…

I plan to spend Saturday enjoying my kids and hopefully get away from Twitter for a bit.  I can’t stay completely off the computer as I have some blog maintenance/site design type things to get done this weekend, but I really need to focus on the important things and just quit  feeling sorry for myself.

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