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Tag: Alex Zorn

A Little Hot Hedd

This weekend I decided I needed a quick project, something that I could start and finish in a couple of hours.  I have several unfinished projects hanging over me but I couldn’t motivate myself to work on any of them.  I needed something new and fresh that I could get excited about.  A hat is a perfect quick project.  I love knitting hats, especially baby hats so I decided to whip one up for Evie.


I used Alex Zorn’s Hot Hedd pattern from Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook and adapted it a bit. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure and the hat ended up smaller than I intended. It is a little bit too short for Evie’s head. I’ll either end up giving it away or saving it for Evie’s baby doll to play dress up with. I guess that means I need to make another one because it turned out really cute and Evie still needs a hat.

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