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So We're Having a Baby

I’m not quite sure where to even begin.  I have so many thoughts racing through my head.  I’m pregnant.  Every time I say those words in my head I want to let out a little squeal.  I still can barely believe it.  Just last month I visited my OB/Gyn because it had been just over a year since we started trying for another baby.  She put me back on Glucophage to help with my PCOS and here I am pregnant a month later.  I have no idea if that’s what did it or if God just decided the timing was finally right.  Either way, I am beyond thrilled.  I really didn’t expect it to happen quite yet.

When I can find a spare moment when I’m not squealing from joy, the reality of the situation hits me.  We definitely want another child, but when I think about having to actually take care of a newborn and an almost 3-year-old I get a little scared.  I know when the time comes I will handle it just fine, but right now I’m not so sure.  Zach can be such a challenge sometimes.  I’m just hoping that by then we will have worked out some of the power struggles that seem to be happening now.  Plus, he should be fully potty-trained by then so I won’t have to have two kids in diapers.

The really scary part is the financial responsibility.  Babies are expensive and we’re struggling now.  Somehow, things will work out.  I know this.  But it is definitely scary to think about how we will pay for day care.  The other costs are minimal.  We’re used to buying diapers and we won’t have to worry about extra food for a while, but day care is going to kill us.  We may end up selling everything we own, but as I said, somehow we will manage.

For now, I want to put all of those thoughts in the back of my mind and just enjoy the fact that I’m going to have a new little baby to cuddle and love.  I’m sure Zach doesn’t quite get the reality of the whole baby thing yet, but for now he’s excited.  I don’t think he’ll be as excited when the baby actually arrives and he realizes that his whole world is getting turned upside down.

It’s still very early in the pregnancy.  By my calculations, I’m only about 4 weeks along and should have a due date around March 30, 2008.  According to the BabyCenter bulletin I got in my inbox yesterday, the baby’s organs should start forming sometime in the next week or so and it’s heart will start beating.  Even though I’ve been through it once before, I am still so amazed at how the human body creates new life.

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  1. squee! i’m happy for you guys. and you’re right – it’ll all work out, even the daycare. someday i’ll come through your town to visit with you, and for part of my time there, i’ll totally take care of the little ones while you go take a nap or something. 🙂 much love, mommy-of-two-to-be!

  2. Scary? Of course it’s scary!!! Don’t be beating yourself up over that!

    The good thing is that you know it’s coming, so you can plan for it. I’m telling you — do a big purge. Sell things on the internet. My partner and I just made over $1000 selling old books, CDs, DVDs and tech stuff on the internet. It’s a good way to build up a little savings fund so that it’s there if you fall short some months. That’s always my biggest worry — I know I have money to cover things every month, but what if my car breaks down? That’s what always brings out the credit cards and the stress. With a small savings account ($1000 is small to me, but maybe big to other people), I don’t worry as much because there is always that extra couple hundred bucks if we need it.

    Anyway, just a little advice. No worries if you think it’s silly!!

  3. Congratulations Dee and family! 🙂 That’s a wonderful blessing; I’m excited for you!

    And yes, you’ll manage and it’ll work out 🙂

  4. dee dee

    @lara – You’re welcome to come visit and take care of my kiddos anytime! 🙂

    @wiccachicky – I have actually been trying to sell some things but haven’t had much luck yet. Our garage sale was a bit of a flop and the larger items I’ve listed on Craigslist haven’t sold yet. Hopefully I’ll find someone who wants them soon.

    @Vera – Thank you! It is indeed a blessing.

  5. Congrats to you and your family!!! It will work it out. It is amazing how things fall into place. Yea, a new blog baby to be to follow!!

  6. If you weren’t a little afraid, you’d be stupid…totally normal.

    My boys are 2yrs 4mos. apart. It was hard but it is really a great age gap. They will always be at different stages, but close enough to play together very soon. We financed my first year home with each on our Visa. I know, people will tell you that’s a bad idea, but it was the only way to make it work and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Enjoy this time…it is precious.

  7. Congratulations. H&H 9 months. What a wonderful blessing.

  8. Kim Kim

    Congrats! I have PCOS too, so I know what it is like.

  9. Rosie Rosie


  10. dee dee

    @fidget, Kris, Jess, Kim, & Rosie – Thank you all!

  11. awwww! what wonderful news! i volunteer to be an extra “mimi”! LOL! i am happy for you all!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m Sending you some baby girl vibes LOL!!

  13. I’m not totally sure how I missed this announcement for so long, but congratulations!

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