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6 More Days

Today was my last check-up with my OB.  I was hoping for a little more progression and that she would tell me I’m going into labor today, but that didn’t happen (of course!).  I have dilated more over the last week and am now at 3 cm, but still only 50% effaced.  Really, I could still go at any time.

As I said last week, at the very latest this baby will be here on the 18th.  My doc set up the induction today.  I am set to arrive at the hospital at 6:45 Tuesday morning and my doc will set things in motion.  I will be looking at my baby girl in six days.  I’m very excited, yet it still seems so unreal to me that it is so close.  I really can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has passed by.

I was telling Hubby last night as we were catching up on some TV shows that I am just so bored right now.  I’ve been keeping up on everything so well (because I’m afraid of going into labor at any minute) that I just don’t have anything to do.  Even my TV shows and internet aren’t that exciting right now.  I can see TV being boring, but the internet?  It never lets me down.  It is always there for me when I need something to do, but right now I’m just not even interested.

My pre-baby task list has dwindled down to practically nothing.  I need to do a quick glance through the bills again and make sure everything is paid up for the next couple of weeks.  I have yet to finish my state and local taxes.  Other than those two tasks I really don’t have anything else that has to be done.  There are only a couple of items left on my to-do list at work and if the mail would stop coming in daily I wouldn’t have much to do there either.  I’m sure I can manage to fill the next couple of days, but I’m really just pretty done there too.

Since I know now that I’ll be having this baby at least by Tuesday, Friday will be my last day at work.  I’m planning to take Monday off so that I can have one last special day with Zach.  I’m not sure what exactly we will do.  It will depend a lot on the weather.  But, I want to take him out and do something fun with just him before he loses his only-child status.  As much as I’m looking forward to BabyG being here and watching her and Zach grow up together, I’m still going to really miss all of the time that I get to spend with Zach now.

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