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30 Weeks

30 WeeksTen more weeks to go and the nesting has really set in. If I just had a little more energy, my house would be looking fabulous. Unfortunately, after about fifteen minutes of work I’m pretty much drained. I have so many little projects and things that I want to get done before this baby arrives but they will most likely never be accomplished. What I really need is someone to come over who is willing to take orders. If I could just sit in my chair and say, “do this, do that” things might actually get done.

The important things are mostly done though. The crib is up (even though I don’t have the bedding for it yet), the teeny tiny clothes are washed and put away, and the blankets are washed and folded. I still have to take apart and clean the car seat, swing, and vibrating baby seat. I should probably also have some bottles washed and ready to go, but I’ll most likely put all of that off until the last couple of weeks so I don’t have to find places to put it all just yet.

BabyG is definitely making herself known this week. The good news is I have instant entertainment most of the time. I can just sit back and watch my stomach move around. Most of the time I enjoy it, but she has taken me by surprise a few times.

She’s also taking her toll on my body.  Sleeping has become more and more difficult over the last couple of weeks.  I find myself tossing and turning all night just trying to find a position that is actually comfortable.  I haven’t found it yet and I’m pretty sure I won’t find it again until after BabyG is born.

I finally managed to get the 3D sonogram pictures scanned this weekend so I can share them. The pictures didn’t come out as well as I was hoping, but we did get to bring home a video of the session on dvd and she is actually much easier to see on the video. BabyG had her face turned toward my back the whole time so it was difficult to get a clear shot of her face. We did get a great picture of her leg though and re-confirmed that she is indeed a girl.



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  1. you look so cute! you make me wish i were pregnant. 😛

    and if i lived near you, i would gladly come over and take orders to help you out for a while. 🙂

  2. Kandice Kandice

    You look fantastic!!! What a great baby belly!

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