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Anybody Else Wanna VOX?

So the people at Vox have now upgraded all starter accounts to standard and are doing away with starters.  If you get an invite now, you get full access.  So, I have 4 more standard invites to give away.  For some reason I haven’t had too many takers.  If you are interested, leave me a comment.  I prefer to give them to people I know, but I’ll consider those I don’t know too.

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  1. I am so lame that I had to google VOX just to know what it is. Hahaha. Thanks for your offer for an invite but I will take a pass. I already have too many blogs and online journals going at the moment.

  2. Okay… I am so damn curious, I figured I’d lock in my ID anyway and give it a look see…
    Please pass me an invite Dee!
    I’m so weak.

  3. I am simply spread too thin to try something new. I have a hard enough time making my blog work now as it is! 🙂

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